Friday, August 23, 2013

Fall Into Fitness BEGINS August 26th --> Week 1 Schedule, Healthy Eats/Drinks, and Motivation!

Hello all! Are we ready to rock & roll? Thanks again for the excellent turnout and some jammin' referrals from a lot of you! Btw - it's not too late for someone to sign up, either! Keep spreading the word. Let's make this world as healthy as we can!

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before."
- Anonymous

What you need for the week:
*Water Bottle
*Soft surface or an exercise mat
*Dumbbells {5 pounds for beginners}
*Quality workout gear: focus on it being comfortable, form fitting, and supportive!
*Something to time some of the workouts (watch, clock, cell phone, etc)
*Camera/Cell-Phone to take a pic of yourself before and after for accountability and motivation (you get points for doing this)! Remember to email me these photos each week! I want to see you sweat!

Here's your first workout schedule for the very first week...{All workout explanations are listed below!}

I'm so giddy! I can't wait to virtually do these workouts with you! See if you can't recruit some friends to join you in your workouts! It's so fun to workout with someone!
 Remember, any questions, just let me know! I am here to help with anything along the way!

Steady State Cardio: You can do a variety of workouts for this one including: running, walking, biking/spinning, or using the elliptical or stair-stepper. Remember to keep around the same pace for the whole workout -- for example: running @ 10 mph

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training): This can also be done doing a variety of workouts including: running, walk/jog, biking, or using the elliptical. For this workout, you'll be alternating from low-intensity to high-intensity every 30 seconds. For the low-intensity you will stay at a steady state pace for 30 seconds, then go all out for 30 seconds (push yourselves!) Do this for 20 minutes.

Warm Up/Cool Down: An easy way to warm up and cool down is to walk or just go very easy on an exercise machine. Remember to stretch following each workout, too! Look up basic stretching on Google if you need assistance knowing what to do!

Strength Workout #1:

Here are links/photos (some are me!) to the various moves:

Shoulder Presses with front kick: 

Plank with leg lifts:

Kettlebell swings:

Leg drops:

Squats w/DB curls:

Plank Jacks:

Strength Workout #2:

Links/Photos to the various moves:


Alternating Lunges: 

Indian Style Crunches:
Mountain Climbers:

Yoga Workout #1 
Simply hold each post for 45 seconds 

Hydration: Each day you should aim for 72 oz. of water. Find a way that works to log your intake and stick to it! Keep a water bottle with you at all times and you'll never have trouble with this. Remember to drink at least 8 oz. of water prior to exercising and at least 8 oz. of liquid following the exercise! Before exercise, your drink should always be water {unless you're planning to exercise 2+ hours, in this case we're not}. Following exercise, there are a few options if you want to mix it up..
*8 oz. water {liven it up with lemon, lime, berries, or cucumber slices!}
*4 oz. coconut water mixed with 4 oz. water

Pre-Workout Snack Ideas: It's very important to be sure you eat something before exercise in order to provide optimum energy levels to power through your workouts! Plan your workouts around snacks and you'll be able to power through with no problem! Eat your pre-workout snack 45-60 minutes before you plan to workout to make sure it has some time to digest a bit.

--> Here are some options for this week...
*Fruity Protein Smoothie
*Oats: 1/4 cup oatmeal, cooked with water + 1 tbsp almonds + 1/4 cup berries
*Yogurt parfait: 1/4 cup nonfat yogurt + 1/4 cup berries + 1/4 cup whole grain cereal (Kashi, Grape Nuts, Original Cheerios, etc)
*Slice of toast with 1 tbsp nut butter
*Banana with 1 tbsp nut butter
*1/2 Larabar, Lunabar, ThinkThin bar, Uberbar, Kindbar, etc. {Choose something with only a few ingredients and lower in sugar}

Post-Workout Snack Ideas: Post-workout is also extremely important in order to provide adequate muscle repair and to prevent your energy levels to drastically drop. Eating following your workouts will also prevent overeating later on because you quickly are refueling your body! Eat your post-workout snack within 20-40 minutes following your workout!

--> Here are some options for the week...
*4-6 ounces (3/4-1 cup) low fat chocolate milk
*1 banana with 1 cup of low-fat milk
*Protein Shake: 1 scoop protein powder + 1 cup low-fat milk
*7 whole grain crackers + 1 hard-boiled egg
*1/2 cup cottage cheese + 1/4 cup whole grain cereal

Questions? Let me know anytime - you have my email!

How to get points this week: 
1) Complete each workout & post a comment on this blog post after you complete EACH workout (1 point for each workout completed AND commented)
2) Send me a picture of yourself during/after your workouts (1 point for each photo)
3) Send me a picture of yourself enjoying a pre or post workout snack!


  1. Day 1 workout: Zumba for one hour at the same intensity! I upped it from my normal intensity to see if I could do it! I surprised myself and was drenched in sweat!

    1. Love hearing that you're challenging yourself!

  2. Day 2 Strength workout: Done! :) I ran 3.2 miles with my neighbor and finished before 6:00 a.m., so I decided to do the strength workout on my front porch while the sun came up! It was awesome! I was a sweaty, hot mess! Feeling great!

  3. Day 1 workout: Did the eliptical for 30 min...normally I do 10, and then do treadmill...not today! I was tired from the weekend but pushed through it!

  4. Day 2 (Strength #1) workout: KICKED my butt! It was a lot tougher than I expected it to be! And I got my mama to do it with me :)

    1. It was hard, I agree! Remember to take breaks if need be (especially following each workout), but keep going at it. The moves are hard because they're combination of movements all in one to maximize calorie burn and muscle forming! :)

  5. Day 3: Eight mile run with 20 minutes of HIIT for the last two miles. That was extremely challenging for me! I was already tired from the first six miles, but I told myself to push through the last two miles, 30 seconds at a time! I ran at a 10:00 min/mile pace, then cranked it up to 8:30 to 9:00 min/mile pace. The awesome thing about it all was that even though I was exhausted, I felt AMAZING afterwards! I got one heck of a calorie burn today!

    1. This well help you so much for your marathon coming up! It will give you that last little "umph" you need! Great work, lady - way to challenge yourself!

  6. Day 2 workout: Agree with Katelyn...kicked my butt! When I first looked at the workouts I thought piece of cake...yea right!

    1. Looks can be deceiving! ;) Read my reply on Kate's for a little extra motivation and reasoning behind the workouts! By the end of the 4 weeks, you'll be in amazing shape!

  7. Day 4: Four mile run followed by strength workout #2. HOLY MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS BATMAN! I had some trouble with those because of my IT band issues, but I listened to my body, stopped and stretched, then continued on without any major pain! I was literally dripping with sweat again! It feels SO good to be sore from these workouts! I love the total body workout!

    1. I love your "Holy Mountain Climbers Batman" line! HAHA! Way to listen to your body - now go ice and rest! All of this strength stuff will help you tons with your IT band!

  8. Day 3: I upped my speed on the treadmill...definetly challenging since I was still sore from the day before. But my muscles loosened up and it helped I was right by a fan :)

    1. Keep challenging yourself - you are amazing!

  9. Day 5: 3.5 mile walk at a steady state pace, followed by the yoga workout! It was SO nice to feel stretched out while doing the yoga! I haven't really ever done yoga, so it was nice to give these moves a try! I'm loving it! That, and I'm SO sore from this week! Even though the workouts weren't very long, I feel like I got a LOT out of them!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the yoga poses - they help so much!

  10. Day 4: I remember the doing mountain climbers as a kid...I don't remember them being so tough..:)

    1. As a kid nothing is "tough" - we were fearless. Now you can be as an adult, too!

  11. Day 5: I did 20 min at a steady pace then did the yoga. It felt good to get some good stretching in after a wonderful workout week