Friday, August 16, 2013

Fun Photo Friday

Here are some fun photos off of my cell phone for a fun Friday post! Have a great weekend!

2013-08-16 14.17.17.jpg
Gorgeous flowers coming up in my yard

Tyler has been working so hard and finally got some extra sleep awhile ago and Annie wasn't one to say no to the extra snuggling..

A few months ago I rolled over to the dreadful 6 car is getting old, everyone! And, don't worry I was parked in my garage when taking this, hence why no seat belt :)

My adorable cousins, Owen (left) and Evan (right) with Tyler. They said they both needed to take a picture with their favorite pilot! It was so sweet!

Annie LOVES looking out the windows for squirrels, birds, our neighbor's cat, etc. I just happened to join her one day in the kitchen..;)

Awhile back my brother decided to try this nasty challenge at the famous Jethro's here in Des Moines. Let's just say he failed and wasn't was huge!

The inside of Tyler's grandpa's big deal, ya'll!

On our way back from Iowa City one Saturday afternoon, we flew over Central College where my brother goes to college before landing at the Pella airport. Again, no big deal! 

Just planning a flight..Can you tell I'm proud of my pilot?

A new haircut last month - chopped it off! 

Tyler, our friend Brennan, and Annie just posing for a family photo with their beers. I laugh every time I see this!

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