Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Workouts {Week of August 26}

I went back to school this week and loved it! I seriously love school, everything about it! I enjoyed a workout with my friend on Monday during lunch to start off the week - let's just say it only got better! Lovin' this first week of the Fall Into Fitness program! 

Monday: 20 minute stationary bike, 30-Day Squat Challenge (Day 1), 15 minutes elliptical, 40 minute Insanity workout {killa!}

Tuesday: Speed workout: 1 mile warm up, 5 400's @ 9.0-9.2 mph pace with a 400 recovery @ 6 mph, 1/2 mile cool-down; Strength workout #1 {Fall Into Fitness!}; 30-Day Squat Challenge (Day 2)

Wednesday: 2 mile run with Annie (took today pretty easy); 30-Day Squat Challenge (Day 3)

Thursday: 3 mile run, strength workout #2, taught cardio + stretch class; 30-Day Squat Challenge (Day 4)

Friday: 3 mile run; Yoga routine; 30-Day Squat Challenge (Day 5 = REST day)

Saturday: 8.5 mile run; 30-Day Squat Challenge (Day 6) 

Sunday: 30-Day Squat Challenge (Day 7); REST DAY!

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  1. I thought about trying the squat challenge! Let me know how you like it! :)