Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How I lost 10 pounds without killing myself & a quick, on the go breakfast idea!

This morning started off with a 4:57am wake up call..yes, I set my alarm for random times! I took Annie out to do her thing and then came in to quickly get ready, drink some H2O and head out the door..it was time for some speed-work with friends! We met downtown at the square and did a 1.3 mile warm-up to get to the track @ the local college. From there we did 6 400's as fast as we could. The night before I was thinking of a time goal to shoot for and I decided on 8 min miles. I knew that I had done strength training the day before and so I wasn't sure if I could do much faster than 8, so I made a SMART goal with the 8 min/mile pace. The first 400 felt amazing - I felt like a rockstar going around that track. My average for all 6 of the 400's was 6:30 min/mile! We finished off with a .55 mile cool down back to the square. I am astounded at my success this morning - so happy with the results! Who knew I'd be able to do that on tired legs! I am going to get a 2 hour PR in October @ my next half, YES I AM!

Total workout:
1.3 mile (ish) warm-up to track
6 400's (6:30 min/mile average pace)
.55 mile (ish) cool down back to the square

I came home to complete 130 squats, 12 pushups, and 85 leg drops! Burnin' legs, arms, and abs I tell 'ya!

After a quick shower, it was time for some fuel! I have a bunch of Chobani yogurt (because it was super on sale at Costco last time I went there) so I wanted to use one for the base of my breakfast. I came up with a winner!!

Peachy-Tropical Almond Yogurt Bowl 

Start with a 6 oz. non-fat peach yogurt (I like Chobani) and put into a medium sized bowl.

Then, chop up a fresh peach (frozen peaches would work, too) and top the yogurt with the chunks.

 Next, add 1 heaping tbsp each of slivered almonds and unsweetened coconut flakes

The end product!

Holy yum! There are so many varieties you can try for this dish, too, so have fun with it!

Now onto a subject I'm so excited to talk with you about..

How I lost 10 pounds without killing myself..really! 

First of all, let me fill you in on the back story of all of this. For as long as I can remember I have always weight right around 155 pounds. I don't think I ever considered myself "overweight" and I don't think people saw me that way either. But, I still wanted to lose some weight to be in a healthier state of mind, run better, and be more confident in everyday life. Losing weight just makes you feel amazing all around!

I struggled with my weight more and more as the years went on and tried so many dumb things to lose weight (shakes/bars, cutting my food intake drastically, logging my calories like a crazy person, working out way too much throughout the day, etc). It messed me up to say the least! Then, after changing my major at my college I learned so much about wellness and how to be healthy all around (mind, body, and spirit). I also became so encouraged to run more. I had always ran some, a few miles here and there, but never long distance and often throughout the week.

These two things changed my life: becoming more knowledgeable about health and wellness & running

After about 6 months, I cut 10 pounds without even trying or weighing myself throughout the process. I actually wasn't even trying to lose weight, but instead I was trying to focus more on being healthier and becoming a better runner. Without worrying about the weight, it just sort of fell off! When I first stepped on the scale a few weeks ago, I thought it was just a good day and the scale put me lower than usual. So, I tried it again a few others times throughout the week and there it was..145. I was shocked! I knew I had felt better, but had no idea I had actually lost 10 whole pounds! I still can't believe it today!

This was from a little over a year ago in Colorado. Had a little more weight around my tummy and was less toned than I am today.

Tyler and I in December, a  little over 6 months ago. Was just getting started with running more at this point and had just recently changed my major!

Carie & me at the end of July, just a few weeks ago after a 10k. Love my legs in this photo and you can tell I've lost some weight in my stomach..I'm even starting to slowly show some abdominal toning!

My Best Weight Loss Tips (For easy, gradual weight loss)
*Run or Walk -- This is the single best exercise anyone can do, dead honest. Running, jogging, or walking burns a ton of calories while giving you the greatest endorphin rush out of any other exercise. The endorphins make you feel so happy and you'll be more motivated in your efforts, too! I can't say enough how much running has helped me!
*Drink lots of water -- I always have a water bottle with me and it's generally the only thing I drink besides a little unsweetened iced tea or green tea. Stick to water and flavor it with lemons or limes and you will notice some major health changes!
*Exercise 6 days per week -- I usually get in at least 40 minutes of exercise for 6 days out of week. Then, on top of it I am active in any other way I can be (walking anywhere that's less than 2 or 3 miles depending on time; walking my dog a lot; parking further away; lifting weights while watching tv; etc). Get active and your body will thank you and show it!
*Eat tons of fruits & veggies -- I have at least one fruit for breakfast, 2 veggies for lunch + 1 fruit, and 2-3 veggies at dinner! I load up my plate with fruits & veggies because I love to eat, so it adds bulk while also filling me up!
*Sleep -- I get at least 8 hours of sleep per night, sometimes even more. If you are low on sleep, you're more likely to overeat. Shut off all electronics an hour before your bedtime, hop into bed with a good book, and I guarantee you'll fall asleep sooner and be so grateful for it in the morning!
*Yoga & Meditation -- Stress makes me overeat, so I started doing yoga and meditation (on top of running) to help decrease stress and boy, has it helped! I love it!
*Be knowledgeable -- I read a LOT (textbooks for school, novels, magazines, blogs, etc) related to health and wellness because it gives me the knowledge base I need to succeed. The more you know, the more success you'll have..I promise!
*Follow the 80/20 rule -- I love to eat healthy, but I have a major sweet tooth. So, 80% of the time I eat super healthy but the other 20% of the time I allow myself to enjoy the occasional treat (for me that's any baked good or ice cream!) This has made me so much more in control with food rather than worrying about counting calories and being super strict all the time. When I was super strict, it just resulted in bingeing on junk food because I had restricted myself for so long..totally not worth it. If a craving strikes, eat a small amount of what you are craving and then move forward!

Now, it's your turn..I want to hear about your successes! What have you done that has helped you become healthier, lose weight, etc? Tell me!

Have a healthy day! - Jordan


  1. First off, I noticed in our picture together that your leg muscles look AMAZING! My legs don't even look like that normally... I don't think... I've noticed your weight loss in your face, too! Not just your midsection! And you look happier, if that's even possible! A year ago when I changed my lifestyle, I noticed immediately that I felt happy! My body was changing, I was becoming stronger, and I was becoming healthier! It's to the point now that when I eat any of the foods that I use to crave, I feel sick afterwards! I know that what I'm putting into my body isn't good. And it doesn't taste good. My healthy habits have changed my children's eating habits, too! They no longer ask for candy at the store! Now it's, "Can we have some grapes?!" Or any other fruit they can spot! Makes me feel like I'm doing something right! :D I am so proud of your success and your story! You rock lady! Love ya!

    1. You are the best! I am so proud of both of us, it's so fun to see you making these changes for yourself and your girls - they will thank you in the future, I promise! Love ya bunches - thanks for your continuous friendship and support!