Sunday, August 25, 2013

Workouts {August 19-25} + Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Mash

Another fabulous week with a fun race and a relaxing day at home to finish it out! Keep scrolling for an easy recipe below, too! 


Monday, August 19: Stayed up too late Sunday night, which resulted in me sleeping as late as possible Monday morning. I worked, then had to go home for a Dr. appt. All I got in was 15 quick minutes on the elliptical, but it was a productive day to say the least!

Tuesday, August 20: 20 minute walking warm-up, 4 - 400's @ 9.5 mph with a 400 recovery @ 6 mph in between each, then a 20 minute walking cool-down; 15 minute stationary bike

Wednesday, August 21: Lots of walking (walked Annie, walked over lunch on treadmill, then walked outside later on); Taught strength training class

Thursday, August 22: 5 mile run, taught class

Friday, August 23: REST

Saturday, August 24: Warrior Dash! Lots of hills and obstacles finished with mud!

Sunday, August 25: REST 

On Sundays I spend A LOT of time in the kitchen prepping food for the week! Here's what I made (some for Tyler, some for me!):

*Beef 'n Noodles 
*Ham Balls (Tyler requested these last week so I made sure to make them today!)
*Party Potatoes (Tyler loves these!)
*Taco Meat 
*Applesauce (Tyler loves to snack on homemade applesauce!)
*Roasted vegetables 
*Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Mash 
*Hard-boiled eggs 
*Turkey burgers 
*Grilled chicken

I LOVE making tons of food to get me through the week. It leaves for absolutely no excuses during the week to have a healthy, home-cooked meal for both Tyler and I. I also do this because Tyler and I don't eat the same foods so it's hard to make two meals at night during the week. Instead, we can pick and choose through what we already have in the fridge and go from there - easy! 

I wanted to highlight on one of the dishes I made today. It may not look appealing, but it is delicious and I can't wait to enjoy some throughout the week! 

Easy, Peasy Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Mash:
1 butternut squash, roasted 
1 large sweet potato, peeled & chopped 
1 tsp cinnamon 
1.5 tbsp pure maple syrup 

Start by preparing your butternut squash (simply cut in half, then roast in oven @ 350 for 50 minutes) and sweet potato (clean it, peel it, chop it, then boil in water on the stove). Once both are done, mash together and add the cinnamon and maple syrup. Like I said - easy, peasy!

Also, like I said - not appealing but definitely tasty! 

Have a great week! I'm starting back up with school (LAST SEMESTER!) and can't wait to get back into a routine! 


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