Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Benefits of Exercise

I haven't always loved to exercise..really, I promise! In high school I loved sports, but not necessarily the hard work that went into being good at the sport if that makes any sense at all. My biggest memory is from volleyball. Our coach used to make us run one mile after each practice (usually practice was 2 hours) and each time we ran the mile we had to either maintain our time or better it. If we didn't, we had to run a suicide for each second we went past our time! It makes me laugh now that I complained so much over that one mile run! Nowadays I run so much more than a mile - heck, just a couple months ago I ran my first half marathon! I am here to tell you from experience that anyone can learn to love exercise just as much as I did. I now look at exercise as so much more than a way to lose weight - there are so many more benefits! 

1) Increase energy levels: People are always complaining that they're too tired to exercise, but did you know that exercising will actually perk you up? It's true! The adrenaline rush you'll receive from exercising will give you a natural high for hours! Just don't exercise right before bed or you won't sleep!
2) Promote sleep: Humans are meant to move, so when you get adequate exercise during the day your body will be much more apt to sleep at night. I hit the sheets like a baby every night! 
3) Increases memory: This one is proven by so many studies - it even helps prevent Alzheimer's Disease {extreme memory loss}! Exercising helps you remember day to day things and it's even been shown to promote more productivity at work/school. 
4) Decreases guilt: When you eat that cookie, you'll know it's okay because you burned extra calories today than if you wouldn't have exercised! 
5) Controls weight: Reversely, exercising also controls weight by burning extra calories to promote weight loss while also motivating you to eat healthier because exercising makes you feel so healthy that you won't want to blow it all by eating junk!
6) Decreases stress: Exercise releases endorphins that make us feel very happy, resulting in a much more relaxed way of life!
7) Increases muscle strength: Increased muscle strength = decreased risk of injury and better range of motion. 
8) Exercise CAN be fun: Pick something you enjoy, like a fun workout class with friends and I promise you'll start to think exercise is fun and not a chore!
9) It is the SINGLE best thing you can do for your mind and mood: Enough said!
10) Decreases your risk for cardiovascular diseases: Unfortunately, heart disease and stroke are two of the most common ways of death. Exercising frequently will decrease this risk by promoting a healthier heart and cardiovascular system!

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