Saturday, August 31, 2013

Week #1 {Fall Into Fitness Program} Photos!

I'm so glad so many of you were okay with me sharing your photos, because I think it is so fun! Plus, it definitely helps hold you accountable! Don't forget this also gives you points for the giveaway at the end, so keep on sending them each week! None of us look good after sweating, so don't be shy! ;)

Let's be sure to give a shout out to everyone in the comments section! Cheer each other on!

I'll go first - Here I am afterwards getting ready to enjoy my protein shake. You can see the post exercise endorphins on my face! Exercise = Happiness!

Up next is Emily! She's still all smiles and even matches her Hawkeye flag background! ;) Way to go, Emily!

Darlyce made sure to take the time for a photo after her workout. Way to be accountable, Darlyce! While at the gym during a strength workout, she was asked by others what she was doing! Way cool to inspire people all around you every day!

Michelle is super busy with work and her kids (back to school!), but still made time to get in her workout! Keep it up, Michelle!

These next two ladies are "bananas" for their pre/post workout snacks! ;) Awesome job this week, Tess & Kate. Kate even got her mom to do it with her - who else is recruiting friends/family in their efforts? What a great way to encourage others!

 Carie is currently training for her first marathon (coming up in September!) and still made the time to get in her strength workouts, too! If any of you want to be inspired, check out her blog to read all about her amazing weight loss story!

I just had to share this picture of Carie's kids as well. It is too stinkin' cute! It really shows that what you do can inspire so many others! 

Again, thank you for allowing me to share your amazing pictures from the week. I am so proud of everyone this week! It's only week 1 and you are rocking it! Be on the lookout for next week's workouts the next day or so! And, don't forget that even though Monday is a holiday, you do have a workout planned. Try to make time for it if you can, it will make you feel better the whole day!

*What was your favorite part of this week (a specific move, one of your pre/post workout snacks, seeing other people doing the same thing as you, etc)? <-- Earn a point for answering below in the comments!

My absolute favorite part this week was hearing about everyone's successes. I can tell that many of you are becoming more confident and motivating yourselves in all areas of health. This is truly why I do what I do each and every day. I love seeing people grow and become a better person all around! 

Have a great LONG weekend! Hopefully most of you are able to get out and enjoy family and friends and some relaxation after a hard-working week!


  1. GOOD JOB, EVERYONE! I loved seeing everyone's pics :) Makes me feel like we're all in this together! I especially loved the one of Carie's kids haha too cute

  2. AWESOME JOB EVERYONE! It's so cool to see that Dar is participating! I went to UNI with her! We lived on the same floor in our dorm! It is so great to see so many people participating! My favorite part of the week was the yoga workout! As you can tell from above, my kids joined me! It was an amazing feeling to know that they are learning by example! They keep asking me if we are going to do more "yogi" on the porch! Awesome first week!

  3. Way to go everyone! My favorite part of the week was having my friend do each workout with me.