Saturday, August 17, 2013

A few photos of our home!

What is it with me and photos lately? I guess I just really want to share my life with you all via photos! I'm so excited to show you a few pictures of our home! We are so proud to live here. We have the best neighbors; live in a super safe neighborhood that is close to so many things we use now and will love to be by in the future (park, pool, schools, etc); and the house was move in ready and shows so much promise to fix up and add onto it in the future. Not to mention, our yard is huge! I just couldn't be happier with it! I hope you like it, too. I'll post more photos in the future as well!

Front of our home. I love the retaining walls of bricks and the many hostas that are planted. Plus, how lucky is it that the trees are so perfectly aligned to be on both sides of the home? So quaint! 

Up close look at the front porch! 

Side view - check out our yard! We live on a corner lot, so there's so much space!

The back of the house/back door. I'm planning to plant more flowers, get some nice patio furniture, and overall increase the beauty of the back area. We really do enjoy sitting back here though and leashing up Annie to her cable and letting her sniff and play. 

The garage. Our neighbors call it a "barn" because it's so large for an in-town garage. It easily fits 3 vehicles and Tyler absolutely loves it (what guy wouldn't, right?) It's heated, has tons of electrical outlets, is really secure, and has lots of space in the attic too for even more storage. It is so nice to park my car in a garage!

Now coming inside to my favorite room - the kitchen! I really like the beautiful white floors, cupboards, and cabinets (although this requires a lot of cleaning on my part - motivation, right?). There is so much natural light in here and I have a ton of space to store everything and still have room to prep on the counter tops!

Another view - Hi, Annie! 

Our very small upstairs bathroom, but I'm not complaining! There is lots of space outside this room to add on in the future and for now, it works and it's clean so I am not whining! Plus, I grew up in a home with only one bathroom for 5 people and our house has two (this one and a much larger one downstairs) so there's no need to complain! I painted it a brighter blue and really like it! I can't wait to update and expand this bathroom someday!

That's all for now -- more to come later!

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