Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fall Into Fitness Program: Week #4

I have a surprise for you....

This week is all about your imagination and taking action in creating your OWN workouts! Yes, I said it! Take what you have learned, the exercises you find you enjoy the most, and figure out what areas you want to work on and go with it.

This week I want you to do 3 days of cardio and 2 days of strength training, just like we normally do. But, go outside of your limits and create your own schedule for the week as well as creating your own strength workouts! Have fun with it! This is where you can get the MOST points and catch up to win!

For each strength workout you post on the blog (in comment section) you will receive 10 points! This can help you push forward and beat those in front of you. There are 3 of you that are very close in points!

I bet you didn't expect this as your post for this week, but here it is! Now get to thinking and having fun - use some of my ideas and go with it! This is how you'll continue to maintain your progress and become more inclined to fitness throughout your life!

If you have questions - let me know! I'm always here to help! Finish strong - this is the last week! :)



  1. week 4, day 1: today I did steady cardio on the treadmill for 25 was also the first time ever I have been able to run the entire 1st mile without stopping or walking!

  2. This is amazing!! I am so proud of your accomplishments!

  3. week 4, day 2: I had my husband choose the exercises from a list made up of ones on here and other ones I found. I did 45 sec each/3 times (like normal) of squats with dumbbells, superman, shoulder press, hydrants, rows, and pile squats. Boy were my arms sore!

  4. week 4, day 3: I struggled to get any workout in today as I can feel some sickness kicking in....but i got it in and am glad i did!

  5. I can't do anything yet because of my rest week, so I went ahead and made a strength workout for when I'm able to get back into the swing of things!
    Core strength: 45 seconds each, rest for 15 seconds, repeat 3 times!
    *Indian Style Crunches
    *Oblique Crunches, back and forth on each side

  6. Strength Workout: 45 seconds each, rest for 15 seconds, repeat 3 times!
    *Jumping Jacks
    *Shoulder Press
    *Jumping Lunges, alternate legs each jump
    *Russian Twist

  7. week 4, day 4: for todays strength workout i did each for 45 sec and repeated 3 times...they were: bicycle crunches, one legged bicep curls, russian twists, windmills, situps, and alternating lunges (with weights).

  8. week 4, day 5: I moved my normal Friday workout to sunday this week since I was sick :( and had a wedding. But today we (my husband and friend) are biking along the high trestle trail

  9. the bike ride was amazing...such beautiful colors and was definetly a perfect day!