Saturday, September 7, 2013

A look at my long runs

Every Saturday I go out for a long run around town, no matter if I'm training or not. Long runs (to me) are anything 6 miles or more. I usually get together with friends which makes Saturdays one of my favorite days. Long runs are slower paced which means there's tons of time to chat about anything and everything. 

Today I set out for 9 miles and I thought it'd be fun to show you what it "looks" like! Maybe this will encourage others to pick up running, too! It's really so much fun! :)

I woke up at 5:15am did my thing, took Annie out to the bathroom, and then came in to grab a quick snack for pre-run fuel and a large glass of water. When the runs are 10 miles or more, I usually have something more substantial but today all I really needed was a 100-calorie Raw Rev Bar. These are so tasty and full of energy packed ingredients! After grabbing a snack, I snuggled back in bed for a few more minutes - so glorious! 

Finally, it was 6am and time to get up and get dressed! Today I wore: Fila moisture-wick sports bra, Nike moisture-wick tee, Old Navy running skort, Adidas hat, Mizuno WaveRiders, and of course my Garmin watch! 

I packed water and protein shake in my cooler, grabbed 3 shot blocks, and headed to the trail head to meet my friend! This picture is from after the run, obviously! It wasn't this bright at 6:30am! :)

And off we went! We did 4 miles, came back to the trail head so another friend of ours could join us for the last chunk of our run. I jumped ahead of them to add on an extra mile (I needed to get 9 miles today for training) and met them back at the trail head! During the run, I ate 3 of these chews: Clif Shot Bloks

We walked it out, I chugged water, and then hopped in my car to enjoy my protein shake that I packed. I had 1 scoop white chocolate Designer Whey with 1 cup unsweetened almond milk. Yummm! I have such a better day if I remember to do a protein shake right after! 

After getting home, I actually did some yard work and took Annie for a walk before anything else! I'm still not sure where the extra energy came from, but I am SO glad to have gotten the work done before it gets hottttt again here in Iowa! After all that, it was shower time. I had a craving for more hydration (surprise) so I grabbed a big bowl of fruit (grapes + honeydew + cantaloupe - from my parent's garden!) and a big bowl of veggies (cucumber + peppers + carrots + snow peas) with hummus! Along with a big glass of aqua fria! It hit the spot!

After my snack attack - I needed to ice my knees. I do this often to prevent any IT band pain (I had some when I first started running long distances). It helps so much! Yes, that is a bag of frozen peas. They work so much better than a bag of ice because the bag forms around your knee so well! Try it! Annie even joined me! <-- Obsessed with that dog, I tell ya! :)

So, there ya have it - a long run Saturday review! I look forward to them every week and they really kick off the weekend! Now it's time to go make some lunch and start my weekend! 

Happy Saturday to all of you!

What plans do you have this weekend?


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