Saturday, June 22, 2013

My New Lifestyle

The past year or so I have struggled with many digestive troubles. I would get so frustrated as most of my favorite foods were causing havoc on my system. I finally seeked assistance and found that I had developed gluten intolerance (no, I do not have Celiac's disease). After lots of research and help from friends in this new endeavor, I realized I needed to drastically change my lifestyle in terms of nutrition (I don't ever call it a "diet").

I finally landed on something I could handle and something that is very satisfying. The past week has consisted of officially changing my lifestyle for the better. It's going to be a difficult process at times, but I like the challenge and know how much it will help my body get back to optimal health. So many people struggle with digestive issues and I hope these future posts help anyone dealing with the same issues.

A few things to mention:
*I do not follow an all organic lifestyle. I grew up on a farm and still am in farming as I leave my home with Tyler's work. I firmly believe that organic is not the way to go because it is not sustainable enough to feed our world. Plus, organic foods are honestly not that much different from local farming. I can promise you that from experience.
*Getting that out, I still feel that our world has put too much junk in our foods as an effort to make them cheaper and produce more. So, the best thing you can do is read the ingredients on the foods you buy. If you don't know what something is, you probably don't want to be putting it in your mouth. It's also safe to say that if you can't pronounce it, it's also probably not too great to be consuming either.

So, what do I eat then?

Tons and tons of fruits and vegetables! I am a lover of almost all fruits and vegetables, but I try to watch to not over-do it on some (such as apples and broccoli) because they can cause some digestive troubles too. Also, remember that these are excellent sources of carbohydrates, too (especially sweet potatoes)!

Lean meats and other sources of protein. I love beef (from my dad of course), chicken, pork, turkey, eggs, and seafood of all types.

Healthy fats! Fats are so satisfying and seriously, quit thinking that they are unhealthy for you because they're not (just make sure you pick the right ones)! Some that I consume often are: coconut oil, olive oil, almonds, avocadoes, etc.

I also consume small amounts of full fat dairy products (cheese, yogurt, cream cheese) on occasion.

I think the hardest part about changing your lifestyle is actually fitting it into your lifestyle. This type of eating requires a lot of food preparation and thought because you can't just go to the gas station and pick up something quick for a snack as it's hard to sometimes find options. This is also more difficult when going out to eat, too. Sometimes you're the odd person not eating what others are eating, but you just have to keep on pushin' on.

I hope the future posts and recipes about this will help anyone and everyone who needs it. I know it will help me to continue to discuss the matter and have the support from others throughout the process!

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