Friday, June 21, 2013

Fresh Start

After lots of work (and still probably some changes left to come), our blog has a fresh look and a fresh start! I was feeling blogger's "block" because my blog was so blah, but after some help from an excellent friend I am back on it! I am excited to share many stories of my and Tyler's life as we continue to move forward!

A quick update on who we are...

My name is Jordan (the person who will be writing all these fun posts)! I am a college student at Grand View University in Des Moines, IA, majoring in health promotion. I graduate in December 2013 and will then pursue a full-time career with Physiotherapy Associates.

Currently I keep myself busy working part-time at Physiotherapy Associates and Grand View; volunteering for many organizations, most specifically American Heart Association; taking care of an amazing boyfriend, a beautiful, spastic puppy, and a wonderful home; all while finding time for my favorite hobbies: exercising (especially running!), organizing, cooking, baking, cleaning, reading, and spending time with the ones I love!

Tyler is my boyfriend amongst many other things. Tyler is a private pilot in pursuit of becoming an agricultural pilot for a crop dusting business in our town. Tyler currently works for both Agri-Tech aviation on the ground crew as well as a farmhand for Rich Ag. Tyler's passions include: agriculture, flying, four-wheelers, trucks, and hanging with his friends!

This is Annie, our Jack Russell/mini husky mix. She is full of life and keeps us on our feet, to say the least. Annie loves all forms of exercise, playing with her toys, indulging in treats, and snuggling with us!


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