Saturday, June 22, 2013

Meals & Workouts {Week of June 23, 2013}

Every week I try to plan meals and jot down my workouts for the week as an effort to be as planned and organized as possible. I had been slacking on this for awhile, but using the blog helps keep me in line with this goal. Check the blog every Saturday for my meal and workout plans for each week!

*Note: I typically try to make something that both Tyler and I will like but since I eat a paleo-esque diet and he doesn't, I sometimes end up making two different meals. Although this sounds like a pain in the butt, it's not so bad as it leaves both of us with extra leftovers resulting in less cooking the rest of the week!

Meals & Workouts:

Healthier Smothered Sweet Potato Fries {using beef from the enchiladas}
Beef Enchiladas (for Tyler)

Workout: 7 miles (if don't get done Saturday night -- darn heat makes it a pain!)

Power Salad
Baked Chicken (for Tyler)

Workout: Strength workout

Sheperd's Pie

Workout: 3 mile run

Spaghetti Squash "Boats"
Leftovers for Tyler

Workout: 6 mile run

Roast beef with homemade BBQ sauce, baked potatoes, and steamed vegetables

Workout: 3 mile run

Grilled tilapia, homemade fries, steamed vegetables

Workout: Cross Train

Wing It/Leftovers

Workout: 12 mile run

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