Wednesday, July 24, 2013

When It Rains, It's Time To Get To Work

Being in the agriculture business, Tyler is always praying for good weather and rain. I'm right along with him because I know how important it is for the crops! I grew up on a farm and always remember my dad hoping for good weather, too.

Thankfully, a few days ago we finally got the moisture we needed. This spring was very wet (we even had snow in May!) resulting in the crops being planted much later than usual. Then, once the crops were planted, it got dry. We had been in desperate need of rain for awhile and we finally got some relief (still sad my dad didn't get a drop)!

For the last couple months, Tyler has been quite slow at work because of this fact. Farmers don't want to invest in spraying their crops if they think they won't have a crop, I mean who would? We kept on praying and praying and finally the rain came. This week Tyler has been very busy going from sun up to sun down at work!

Tyler loves his job and can't wait to become even more for this company as a pilot in a couple years. He's currently working on his instrument rating and taildragger rating! Come Winter time, he'll be flying all week to build up his hours!

Won't it be fun someday for him to look back and see how much he's accomplished since today? Keep on cheering for him, everyone! He's going out and conquering his dreams and I couldn't be prouder!  

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